A Saint of the Day for Feb.10



By Richard Mc Brien

Scholastica (ca. 480–ca. 543) was the sister of Benedict of Nursia [ July 11] and is the patron saint of Benedictine nuns. Her own nunnery at Plombariola was only five miles from the famous Monte Cassino. She and her brother would meet annually in a house outside Monte Cassino to discuss spiritual matters. According to the Dialogues of Pope Gregory the Great [September 3], at their last meeting she begged her brother to stay longer in order to continue their discussion. He refused on the ground that his Rule prevented it. She thereupon bowed her head in prayer, and a violent thunderstorm prevented her brother from leaving until the following morning. Benedict accused Scholastica of provoking the storm, to which she replied: “I asked a favor of you and you refused it. I asked it of God, and he has granted it.” Three days later she died. Her feast is on the General Roman Calendar.

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