A Saint of the Day for Jan.19



Born of Anglo-Saxon parents, Wulfstan (ca. 1008–95) entered the Benedictine priory at the Worcester cathedral sometime following his ordination as a diocesan priest. He became prior of this small community and did such an excellent job that, when the local diocese became vacant, he was appointed bishop of Worcester while retaining his responsibilities at the priory. He visited parishes throughout the diocese, encouraged the building of churches on his own lands and those of other nobles, promoted clerical celibacy, rebuilt the cathedral, and was exceedingly generous to the poor. He also abolished the slave trade between Bristol and Ireland (then under Viking control).

Wulfstan died at age eighty-seven. He was canonized by Pope Innocent III in 1203. Although he is not on the General Roman Calendar, his feast is celebrated on this day by the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the United States.

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